What lies beneath – About the blog

About this blog

Trying to understand complex systems is something that people grapple with every day.  Most of the time, we build simple mental models of how they work and do what those models tell us to do.  But those mental models are often so simple that they miss important subtleties deeper within the system – and ignoring those subtleties can sometimes prove to have disastrous consequences.

I’ve always enjoyed digging into this kind of thing and teasing the confusing and counter-intuitive behaviors of complex systems apart, trying to understand what’s actually going on, rather than the simple surface that’s easy to see.  For the last five years, I’ve been working on analyzing one of the most complex systems out there – the US of A – and some of my thoughts have been of a kind that I can’t put into the project I’m working on.  Thus, this blog was born.

Deep Systems is going to be a place where I occasionally try to look deep into the tangled mess of a system or set of systems, and talk about the leverage points and how we could change the way a system is acting.  Some of my entries will be grand ideas, with little practicality in the real world, and some may bring up something that could create actual change.  But I hope that they will all provide some useful insight into the way the world works.


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